Four-Berry Spiced Jam – Next Level

Well I made the last of the berry jams for the year not counting the cranberries.  I previously made Cinnamon-Spiced Triple Berry Jam from Better Homes & Gardens that I got out of one of my magazines.  This time I decided to used some frozen berries and continue my experimentation with flash frozen no preservative organic and non-organic berries.  The key for me is that they are individually frozen or flash frozen and that no preservatives were added.  The store had a quad berry mixture which I liked blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry and I figured what the hell.

One batch had fresh berries and the mixture of the thawed frozen and one was all thawed frozen.  I followed the instructions but I did add a little more berries in the frozen because of the concerns of it jelling (having enough pectin in it as I did not want to add pectin).  I let them slow boil to let everything break down naturally and increased the heat once they started to thicken.  I added 1/2 cup more lemon juice to the batches as well as a teaspoon of allspice, fresh grated nutmeg, and ground cloves.  I added 1/2 cup more sugar to the batch as well.

The frozen berries took longer to thicken but they did sheet and there were not any issues with the canning process either.  I was happy with the outcome of the final product.

This week will be focused on cranberries.IMG_0048IMG_0049IMG_0050


Spiced Blueberry Ginger Buttah – Yes!!!

Yes!  So today was the last batch of the blueberries frozen and fresh!  I am experimenting with the frozen, non preservative, kosher, organic, blueberries!  This time I decided to make another batch of butter because I let the product cook for much longer resulting in less to can due to evaporation but I find that the butter is thicker and less runny.  NO ONE wants a runny Buttah!  Trust me on this!

So my approach to the frozen berries this time was to put the berries in the crock pot, place on warm and fully cover for about 2 hours.  This thawed them out and then I pureed them and started the regular process.  It was a smoother process and quicker than what I did with my previous butter last week.

I used the same Slow Cooker Blueberry Butter recipe from Marisa McClellan’s Food in Jars Blog but I wanted a spiced butter so I added 1/4 teaspoon of ground allspice and cloves.  In addition to this I added some diced candied ginger to give it a little extra kick.  I would say I added about 1 tablespoon.


Blueberry-Ginger Jam – Stop the Madness!

So as I stated in my previous blog post Friday was the continuation of the very berry madness.  I use a lot of Marisa McClellan’s ideas from her books or her blog Food in Jars Blueberry Jam recipe and added tweaked it a little based on her Ginger Blueberry Jam.

This batch was from the frozen organic no-preservative kosher (yep kosher) blueberries.  I previously made Blueberry Buttah with them (see previous blog) but wanted to see how they held up in a jam.

For this I used crystalized ginger and diced them up.  I also used two foil packs instead of the pectin power since I had concerns about the frozen blueberries having too much liquid in them and not setting properly.  I did add a little bit more lemon juice for safe measure in this batch. I also used an immersion hand blender to make break up the blueberries and ginger a little more.



Spiced Blueberry Jam – More Berry Drama

Friday was the continuation of Berry Madness and I have plenty of berries!  I have been experimenting with frozen no preservative flash frozen berries (some were organic and kosher) in addition to the fresh berries.  This batch was from fresh blueberries.

I got this from one of my canning magazines which is on Better Homes & Gardens website at Spiced Blueberry Jam. It is a quick jam making process and I was a little taken aback by having to add two pouches of pectin but I followed the recipe as instructed.  I did add some fresh ground nutmeg in addition to the cinnamon, ground allspice, and cloves. Also I tend to not like my blueberry jams chunky so I use my immersion hand blender to break of the crushed berries.


OH MY – Cinnamon-Spiced Triple Berry!

So I overdid it with the berries I am sure of it but they were on sale and I wanted something with strawberries but did not want all of the work of cleaning and hulling strawberries so I got some frozen organic no-preservative strawberries.

Instead of making my usual Strawberry Jam and because I had raspberries, and blueberries leftover (lots) I looked in my various canning magazines and books and found the triple berry delight – strawberry, raspberry, and blueberries.  This had no pectin added but towards the end got really thick. In addition to cinnamon I also added fresh ground nutmeg.

In fact Better Homes and Garden called it two different things except one version had more lemon juice and they called it Lemon-Berry.  You can find the recipe on their website at Cinnamon-Spiced Triple Berry Jam.

Blueberry Buttah – Getting my Berry On!

Last night I started the Blueberry Butter it is a recipe that I got from Marisa McClellan’s Canning book but it is also on her blog at Slow Cooker Blueberry Butter.  It is called slow cooker blueberry Butter.

I have made this before and it comes out great.  I like my fruit butters thick so I do let this cook for much longer.  Also this time I decided to try Kosher no preservative frozen blueberries.  I put them in a food processor frozen but in hindsight I will let them thaw since that was too much damn work!

The final product looks and tastes the same and I was able to stick to my rule of natural products with no dyes or preservatives.  I am not always a fan of organic but when I can buy them I will if I can justify the price.

Keep in mind that this makes a small batch once it cooks down.  I will be making another batch next week.  I have a few cartons of fresh blueberries and will be making some spiced blueberry jam this week after work.


Back in the Canning Saddle with berries

So I’m back to canning because my pantry is bare and I hate buying store jam. Luckily there are some great farms that make amazing jams locally. However, it was time for me start making my own again. I got fresh raspberry, blueberries, and blackberries so I am making those items first afore they get too ripe or get mold on them.

I also used some organic kosher frozen blueberries with no preservatives for my butter. That is in the crockpot now.

So Raspberry jam very basic and I got the recipe for Food In Jars! I have all of Marisa McClellan’s books as well but it is easier to reference her blog. The ingredients really basic raspberries, sugar, fresh ground nutmeg, cinnamon, and pectin.

Food in Jars Raspberry Jam