Working with Tomatoes and Mangos

Friday and Saturday were busy for me since I was trying to use the rest of the mangos that a friend shipped to me from Florida.  I had already made a mango-tomato jam but had a lot of mangos left over.  I also wanted to get the tomato jams out of the way as well so I got some more tomatoes to complete that task.

I ended up making two different mango chutney’s and my standby tomato jam.  The first chutney I made was from Food in Jars and is called Heather Francis’ Festive Mango Chutney.  I did deviate from the recipe and added cardamom and not cardamom pods – because really who in the hell has cardamom pods lying around! You can find it at

The next chutney I made was from the Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving on page 218 and I love this chutney although this time I used green peppers instead of read and added some chilli pepper flakes for color.

And finally I made tomato jam from Food in Jars which can be found at  I love this jam because it can be used on sandwiches, cheese spreads, or crackers.

I still have a crap load of pears to make jam out of which I will do today.  I plan on making a pear ginger jam as well as a pear vanilla jam.  I will also try to get a strawberry vanilla jam made within the next two weeks.

Getting the Items ready!

thumb_IMG_0961_1024 thumb_IMG_0962_1024 thumb_IMG_0963_1024 thumb_IMG_0964_1024 thumb_IMG_0965_1024 thumb_IMG_0968_1024 thumb_IMG_0969_1024 thumb_IMG_0970_1024 thumb_IMG_0971_1024 thumb_IMG_0972_1024 thumb_IMG_0973_1024 thumb_IMG_0974_1024


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